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Lincoln Auto Repair Tampa - And a Little History Lesson!

Lincoln: Presidential Performance In 1917, the automaker Lincoln was established by Henry Leland. This company has produced upscale vehicles for the American market, differentiating itself from its competitors with its additional luxury features, commendable engine performance, and unique styling. Owning one of their SUVs, cars, or pickups gives you a step higher than those who aren’t. Carrying their decades of brand quality and dependability with you on the road, Lincoln is an amazing car to own nowadays. However, what good is driving your Lincoln if it isn’t on its topmost shape? Lincoln breaks down at times too, like all cars. In that situation, you’ll be needing an automobile mechanic to help you put it back to its brand new-like state. Auto mobile mechanics are specialist in car maintenance and repair. These guys MUST have received proper training to achieve the necessary skills to carry out crucial tasks in fixing your car. The areas of training from which the mechanics underwent are important and are used by most shops to determine whether they hire a particular mechanic or not. Lincoln Body Repair Shops in particular require extremely careful mechanics that received advanced training. The Mechanic and You First thing’s first! If your Lincoln is in need of fixing, a mechanic will be your best friend. But take note of this, never forget to check if your new “best friend” has a license. His license will be a proof of the training he had received and that he is accredited to do this kind of jobs. The same with your real-life best friend, your Lincoln best friend should also have commendable traits that you like. After checking his license, check his attitude and personality. How professional is he? Giving yourself time to evaluate this stuff can help you make a connection with your mechanic that will be advantageous for you both in the long run. Once you’ve decided on your newly found friend, start the bonding! Get that Lincoln back in shape. With both of your contributions in putting your Lincoln back in shape, your car will be one of the most envied vehicle cruising around your neighborhood for days to come. Fore more information visit of .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guy’s Automotive in Tampa Florida is Renovating Their Nebraska Avenue Location

After almost 2 years at the Nebraska avenue location running, Guy’s Automotive, in Tampa Florida, is now expanding their shop. The mechanic shop and body shop has been sharing shop space and due to the growing of the mechanic shop needs, the building is now being renovated for the future needs. This new renovation starts with a renovated waiting area. The waiting area will be tastefully decorated with new furniture, a large screen television for the customers to watch while they wait and new flooring, ceiling and walls to go with the new look. The customer area will be equipped with a courtesy wifi to log into incase customers need to work or just surf the web. The counter area also will have a new look. A new style counter area will replace the existing reception desk. This counter will have a granite top and new stylish cabinets with granite counter tops. All of the offices will be refurnished and the whole atmosphere of the new look will just be absolutely amazing.

The Guy’s Automotive in Tampa mechanic shop will be separated more from the body shop area and have state of the art computer systems for the mechanics to use in the shop area. The new mechanic area will be top of the line and set up for the 21st century for repairing cars, trucks, vans and suvs. There will be new lifts and work stations for the technicians to use. This shop will also be fully equipped for computer reprogramming just like the Hillsborough avenue auto repair shop is. The parking lot will be fully redesigned to more adequately equip the auto repair side for efficiency to perform auto repairs on automobiles.

The auto body side of Guy’s Automotive will also be renovated to help move this auto body shop into the 21st century. Computer systems will be added to the auto body shop to make some of the repairs faster and more efficiently. The auto body equipment will be moved to create a better working environment for the auto body technicians. There will be some additional auto body equipment purchased for more effective state of the art procedures of performing auto body repairs and frame repairs. The paint booth will also be upgraded to provide the optimal painting conditions for the most prestige paint jobs possible.

Guy’s Automotive is adding an area just for auto detailing. After auto body repairs are made, vehicles will be fully detailed by the new detail department prior to delivery of the finished product. Adding this to an already exceptional automotive business will help keep customers happy and cars will leave looking their best.

Another feature of the new renovation of Guy’s Automotive Tampa shop will be a state of the art camera system. This camera system will allow the management to oversee more precisely and help ensure a safe and secure place to work on vehicles. Customer’s vehicles will be in the eyes of the camera systems from the time they are dropped off to the time the vehicles leave. Management can use this tool to make sure that all the repairs are being performed in a timely fashion as well as up to the Guy’s Automotive standards.

The owner Guy Skiver is excited and can’t wait until this renovation is completed. Guy Skiver said “This renovation has been a dream come true for my wife Danielle and I. This new shop will allow us to continue our legacy of repairing cars the right way. I am thrilled with the design of this state of the art shop we are rebuilding.” during our interview with him. Look for the grand reopening of Guy’s Automotive to happen late in the summer of 2012.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Computer diagnostics are one of the first steps used to figure out drivability problems on a car. Many people do not understand the complexity of problems that can occur on an automobile. Some people feel that if a car is doing a specific problem, there is a simple explanation. This may be true some of the time but not always. Drivability can be one of the most difficult situations on a car that auto mechanics can face.

The first signs of a drivability problem may include a noticeable change in the way a car runs or drives. People that drive a car everyday should be able to feel when something changes in the way a car is driving. If a car starts sputtering, hesitating, bucking, jerking, or hiccupping, people usually can tell something is wrong immediately. When a car starts showing these types of problems, you need to start noticing your gauges and warning lamps more carefully to see if anything is trying to warn you of a pre-catastrophe.

Other types of drivability may include a simple check engine lamp illuminated. In some cases no noticeable changes in the vehicle will be visible. Many people think when this occurs that a high tech machine will simply spit out the exact problem and it is an easy diagnose situation. The truth is that a diagnostic computer will help point the error the computer sees, but not a specific problem in all cases. This means basically that the computer is not a tell all machine and this is more less a starting point for the technician to start looking for the problem.

Diagnostic test equipment is the starting point for a check engine lamp, but there are many other tools used to help pinpoint the actual diagnostic problems. For example a diagnostic machine may spit out some codes at the mechanic like a P0300 which simply says your engine has a multiple misfire. This code sounds simple, however there are many things that must be checked or specific services may need to be performed first. Sometimes, repairs may need to be made and the code may need to be rechecked. In this hypothetic scenario, there could be more than 20 different possibilities that could cause this one code. Some automotive owners may think the code has a simple answer, but in reality, the auto technician must sift through many different factors to come up with the actual culprit. This is where it is nice to have a mechanic with experience and the proper diagnostic tools to find your problem. Having an accurate diagnose also saves the owner of the car money on not performing unnecessary repairs.

Sometimes a customer may think a diagnostic machine can tell anything wrong with a car. This is truly a myth. Diagnostic equipment or scan tools can not tell mechanical problems with suspension, oil leaks, electrical wiring for lights, and many other problems. In fact the diagnostic machine can only read your car’s computer. A car computer reads only the sensors and switches that are connected to that computer system. If a computer is not linked to a ball joint for example, there is no way for the computer to sense if the ball joint is bad. Once again, this is where a good quality auto mechanic should be able to look at the car and between driving and inspecting the car, will be able to determine the failure without a diagnostic machine.

Think of a car like a medical problem. If you have a real sharp stomach pain, and go to the doctor, is there only one answer for the doctor to tell you? Is there only one test to run to find out the source of your pain? You may have 1 to 10 different tests run for the doctor to figure out what is wrong and it may be a common problem or a rare problem. The same goes on a car. Some car makes may have model specific problems that all have the same symptoms which are easy to figure out. Or, some cars may have the absolute worst problems and the diagnose may be nearly impossible to figure out. Some cars simply break on there own while some cars break because of problems stemming off a poor previously performed repair. Whatever the case may be, having an auto technician that is good is the best solution for you since drivability is among the hardest repairs performed on your car.

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012 from Guy's Automotive - Auto Mechanics in Tampa Florida

Another year of repairing cars and doing auto body work on cars has gone by and Guy’s Automotive appreciates all of their dedicated customers. This year, Guy’s Automotive performed computer reprogramming, auto body work, engine repair and replacement, transmission repair and replacement, air conditioning repair, brakes, tune ups, oil changes, timing belts, oil leaks, and much more for all of our customers as well as other repair shops around us. Guy’s Automotive has taken great pride in their work over the last year and are looking forward to continuing the great auto repair services for this year to come. For over 16 years, Guy’s Automotive has been serving the Tampa Florida area for auto repairs. Through the years, Guy’s Automotive has grown opening their second location near New Tampa. The New Tampa auto shop performs auto repair work and auto collision body work. This allows Guy’s Automotive to be a complete auto care service center. Car repairs and auto body work have been cranking out all year and many customers have been very pleased with their car repair service. Drive safely and keep your cars in top condition. Make sure this new year, you keep your cars maintained and serviced regularly. Keeping up with oil changes, inspections, brakes and other service keeps your car running tip top and ensures long lasting vehicles you can depend on. This is also the time to move up and replace some older cars with newer cars. Make sure you get your car inspected with a pre-buy inspection to make sure you get a quality used car. Have a great new year by making sure your car is its best. Inspecting a used car should include previous body work, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and other important systems. This inspection needs to be performed by a qualified auto mechanic that knows your make and model car. Make sure you take care of your car this new year so your car takes care of you and your family. 2012 is here Guy’s Automotive wants to wish all of Tampa a happy New Year and a safe one as well. Guy's Automotive

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Mechanic Tampa, Are You Looking For The Best One?

Guy's Automotive in Tampa, Florida is the best auto mechanic shop. A one stop shop offering many mechanical services including auto body work, tune-ups, brakes, auto ac repair, engine repairs, transmission repairs and more. With a vast number of makes we specialize in, there is not much to say on what Guy's Automotive can not do on your car. Visit Guy's Automotive's website for more information on their auto mechanic specialties.

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